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Weaving with
Suaimhneas & Cineàltas
in my heart & soul

There is a piece of my heart in all of my weaving and fibre art.

Seeing the happiness on people's faces as they feel a sense of connection with something I have created brings me so much joy. 

Woven stories


"It was such a pleasure to meet you and I'm in awe of your work, your passion and the respect you show your art and the culture and the meaning behind it all. It shows in all your work... It’s the most beautiful thing that's come into my life in a long time. You're a beautiful person that combines your skill, understanding of people and their stories into what can only be described as the most extraordinary personal art that breathes aroha x. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Arohanui, Jo xx "

Thank you Jo, it was such a pleasure to weave this special piece for you and your whānau xx

In Loving Memory

A gift of aroha for a whānau (family) in memory of a Mum, Grandma, Great Grandma, sister... who was also a special Whaea (Aunty) and friend to many in our community. 
Stories & memories woven in, with hands and heart.


Connections of the Heart


This lovingly woven kete spoke to Kim from the moment she saw it, and then when I explained the meaning behind the patterns she said 

"More than perfect! It made me cry."

Her response upon receiving her parcel made my heart sing -

"I am in awe of your incredible talent. I'm so in love with my kete and overwhelmed with your generosity. You are an awesome human. So from my heart to yours, thank you. You have connected me more to our homeland than I can ever convey."    Kim Halse

Thank you Kim, I am so grateful to have made a beautiful connection with you through weaving.

Lovingly Created Koha

Woven with aroha, my first hieke was gifted on behalf of our Kapa Haka roopu to a very beautiful Aunty for her years of dedication to sharing her love of Māori culture and service to the community.

The name of this lovingly woven hieke and it's full design and meaning is kept private out of respect for Whaea and her whānau. 

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