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Interwoven 7

I am grateful to have been invited to participate in Interwoven 7 as a member of ACT Fibre Basket Makers.

For this exhibition I bring together various techniques that showcase some of the possibilities of my favoured weaving material, harakeke, for my installation called "Connection".

While weaving each celestial body for “Connection”, I contemplated how the stars above and the earth below are elements of existence which connect us across distance, culture and time. Each element was mindfully woven with natural fibres from my garden, drawing together the earthly and celestial elements with my hands and heart.

Forming a spiral, each element came to life individually as well as part of the whole installation.

Starting from the lower right, spiralling clockwise and reaching upwards:

1. Here Comes The Sun

2. Tranquillity 

3. Starlight, Starbright. 

4. Golden Sunburst 

5. We Are All Connected

This body of work was inspired by the Neolithic rock art on The Stone of the Seven Suns at Dowth, Boyne Valley, Ireland, which dates back to around 3200BC. There are many theories about the meaning of this rock art however the ones that resonated with me have a seasonal and environmental meaning and in particular that which relate to the depiction of Pleiades. For me, this is something that connects Heaven and Earth, and people from many cultures around the world.

My hope is that the celestial bodies of "Connection" inspire you and invoke a sense of peace and human connectedness, and also helps you to connect with the natural world.

The extra elements shown in the gallery below were not submitted for the Exhibition due to limited wall space to be shared with 22 other artists. They complete the 7 elements of Pleiades and are intrinsic to the visual depiction in the shape of the Golden Ratio, further enhancing our connection to the natural world . They are available to be included as part of the installation (at no extra cost) should it be sold during or after the exhibition.

Exhibition Social Tile + Invitation - Interwoven 7.jpg

Interwoven 7 brings together 22 basketry and textile artists from the Canberra region and the NSW South Coast.

Artists draw on a range of fibre traditions, combining natural, synthetic and recycled materials. They use twining, coiling, looping, stitching and assemblage to reinterpret fibre art from functional vessels to sculptural forms, with each artwork reflecting the passion and concerns of its maker, telling stories, or reflecting on emotional responses to places and events.

Traditional and experimental works relate to generations of makers that have come before, interacting with material, pattern, colour, design and texture, making the practice of fibre art a mindful, meditative, and soul-nourishing practice for most makers.

It is an honour to be exhibiting with all these talented artists.

For more information on Interwoven 7 please head to the Belconnen Arts website

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